We are And Tak Soidet Games.

We are the team of people who loves to create video games just for fun!

We all met at Siberian Game Jam. We liked to work together so much that we continued to take part in game jams as a team.

We make games because we can. And we really love it. We don't have any goal of making money on our games, and that's why we make them in the way we want. We just express ourselves, our feelings, our thoughts and ideas.

Almost all games were created in 36-48 hours, so sometimes they are not as smooth and good-looking as they could be, but that's it.

And Tak Soidet Games. Making games „and tak soidyot” since 2018. 😎️

Some words about „and tak soidet”. It's a misspeled phrase „ee tak soidyot” („и так сойдёт”) in Russian, and it means literally „whatever, this will do”. It's a famous cite from a soviet-era cartoon „Vovka in the Far Away Kingdom“ (here is it, with English subtitles, take a look). Sometimes we just haven't enough time to make things perfect, but... whatever, this will do.